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Trying to Learn About Forex

by vizha

So far I am not really worried about it and I am not ready to put my money into something that is obviously quite risky. I have been investing for a few years now and I take some chances, but now I have come into some extra money and I have started trying to learn about things like forex day trading indicator. This stuff is complicated and at this point in time I am certainly not prepared to wager anything significant on my ability in the field. In fact I am pretty sure that it is not really for me, but more of the sort of thing you do when you have far more latitude with your money than I have right now. Of course the reason that I was looking into it, that could be classified as greed to be honest. I know about investing up to a point and I have made pretty good returns on the money that I have invested. When I first started I was too nervous about it and I would get bent up over bad days, when you want to look at it over long time periods.

Of course the money I am talking about came from an inheritance, one I did not really expect to get. My great aunt was not a very nice person to be honest and she had a lot of heirs. Apparently she liked me better than a good many of the ones who sucked up to her in hope of getting at her money. I never thought about that, when she was mean to me I would respond with a smile and make fun of her pettiness. I expected that my cousins would fight me over it, especially Uncle Walter's spawn. However she arranged it so that the will was more or less written in stone and no one could take what she decided to leave for me and my son.

Tips for a Successful Side Job during the Corona Pandemic Period

by turner

The existence of the Covid-19 pandemic, not a few workers affected. Not only was the salary cut in half, but there were also workers who had to be laid off or hit by a company termination of employment. This of course makes them no longer have income.

In a situation like this, finding and getting a new job has very little chance. Because many companies experienced a decline in turnover, the company stopped hiring new employees for a while until the Covid-19 pandemic was over.

However, with side jobs such as being a freelancer, playing online games, or pursuing a small business is a very appropriate solution. That way, you will still have the income to make ends meet during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, not a few of the businesses that had been small can provide enormous benefits. Then how can I make a side job or hobby that can benefit amid the Covid-19 pandemic? Here are the tips

1. Choose Side Work According to Passion

Many side jobs that can be run to get income. However, do not be haphazard in choosing side jobs because the results will not be maximized later. For that, so the results can be satisfying, choose a side job that really suits your passion alias in the field that you like. If you like playing online games, it helps you try poker games from There you can play with your friends. Besides being able to be used as entertainment, you can also make it a place to get money. Another advantage is that you can withdraw funds at any time. If you are interested, you can directly Daftar IDN Poker Online on the website.

2. Get Freelancer Lowker on Trusted Sites

For those who want to try as a freelancer, you can get job vacancy information on trusted career sites.

3. Choose Business According to Budget

If your passion is in the business field, don't hesitate to start it. Run a business that you like, whether in culinary, clothing, accessories, and more. Choose a business that can be run with minimal budget or even without capital even as a drop shipper.

4. Increase Expertise and Dare to Innovate

Don't be complacent if you already earn money. We recommend that you continue to hone the expertise that you have so that the results of the side work carried out can increase. In addition, do not hesitate to innovate. That way, the product of side labor will be more interesting and certainly different from the others, so that many customers will like it.

Costa Blanca Magic – Where to Find the Best Beaches in Denia

by turner

The Costa Blanca has been a popular destination with Brits since the arrival of package holidays in the fifties. Tourism remains one of Spain’s primary sources of income and millions visit here from all over Europe each year. The Costa Blanca has more than one hundred kilometres of coastline and because Brits have been coming here for centuries it’s easy to find Brit focused beach resorts with English bars, TV and food: And they remain very popular destinations. However, more and more people are looking outside the box toward more Spanish orientated beach destinations. In this article we are going to cover some of the best beaches around Denia which can meet the demands of people looking for either or both.


In July 2019 Denia was awarded the flags of Qualitur which made it part of the Comunitat Valenciana which has more awrd winning beaches than anywhere in Spain. Denia stretches across twenty kilometres of coastline and has ten main beaches plus a nudist beach. The beaches are perfect for watersports and family days out.

Punta del Raset

This beach is also known as the Cagarritar which is not a nice name! The main benefit of this beach is location because it is nearest to the town: Convenient and quite large (around six hundred meters long). If you are looking for a beach that is close to the town amenities then this is it. However, if you don’t like busy this would not be the right place for you!

Les Albaranes

This beach is literally next door to Punta del Rasat and so quite close to the town’s amenities. If you like water sports and beach sports like volleyball and football this is a good choice. 

 Les Bovetes

A Blue Flag Beach measuring around seven kilometres long Les Bovetes is one of the largest beaches along the Denia coast. With excellent access this beach is one of the best for people with disabilities. This is a beautiful, natural beach that is perfect for those seeking some peace and quiet. The downside (for some) would be that there are few amenities available although what is available reaches the standards required for blue flag beaches.

Els Molins

Another Blue Flag Beach a good way from the crowded beaches found nearer the centre of Denia. Els Molins is a stone’s throw away from Les Bovetes and popular with surfers. This is a beautiful sandy beach like Les Bovetes but tends to get fewer visitors – Access is good for people with disabilities.


For those who enjoy clear waters and rocky coves L'Almadrava would be a joy to visit. However, the beach is gravel which can mess with your comfort zones! Nevertheless, if you like privacy, clean and clear waters, L'Almadrava is worth a visit – Definitely one of those beaches out of the main tourism areas.

You will find lots of fair-priced property to rent in and around the Denia area – This is a popular place for Brits to buy vacation and rental homes and yet the town itself has kept its Spanish style and way of life much more than most along the Costa Blanca coast. Without doubt, Denia offers up the best of both worlds!

Borneo Holidays: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

by turner
Borneo makes a rewarding holiday destination at any time of the year. Visitors should understand, though, that the country has two very different seasons of climate. From March to August, Borneo is in a dry season. September to February is the wet season. While overall rainfall is heavy in the wet season, it is also sporadic, with some weeks experiencing torrential downpours and others being rain-free. Trips to Borneo in the wet season generally enjoy smaller crowds and fewer tourists. "The temperature visitors experience in Borneo is dictated more by altitude than by time of year. The coastline is significantly warmer than the highlands. Temperatures are fairly consistent year-round: 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the lowlands and 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the mountains," explains dive experts at Borneo Dream.

What Sort of Accommodation Does Borneo Offer?

Borneo presents a very broad range of accommodation options. The choices range from luxurious world-class island hotels to utterly individual family-operated bed & breakfasts. Accommodations hold to a generally high standard; hot water, private baths, and a certain level of comfort are the rule. Rougher accommodations - like rural guesthouses or the climbing huts at Laban Rata - do not conceal their shortcomings. Borneo offers good hotels sited conveniently all over the country; whether your interests are focused on the cities or the jungles, you can always find comfortable and convenient accommodation. In the more metropolitan areas, large hotels are usually the only available option.

What is Borneo's Cuisine Like?

Bornean food is a sprawling panoply of tastes and cultures, and it does not fit easily into a single category. The state of Sabah (northeastern Malaysia) alone is home to a half a million ethnic Chinese and 28 different indigenous groups. Every one of Borneo's diverse cultures has its own culinary styles. Regional variation tends to be the only identifiable trend. Seafood and freshwater fish, for instance, are staples in Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu. Pork sometimes substitutes for fish, and the meat may be barbecued, grilled, served over rice, put into a soup with spicy noodles, or sauteed with vegetables. Sauces tend to be rich, and in most regions ginger and garlic feature heavily. Most Bornean dishes can easily be made vegetarian, and most restaurant workers have a strong grasp of English. Don't hesitate to ask questions and customise your order!

Is Borneo Safe?

Malaysia is, by and large, a safe country, both within the major cities and out in the countryside. It is important for travellers to exercise basic common sense and be aware of their surroundings, especially at night. Crime rates are very low, and crime against tourists is exceptionally rare. The biggest threats are occasional pickpockets operating in both urban and rural marketplaces. Protecting yourself against this danger is relatively simple. Simply conceal your possessions beneath your outermost layer of clothing in order to enjoy complete protection from pickpockets.

Does the Altitude Present any Danger?

Borneo offers a few attractions at high altitude: trekking the Crocker Range and climbing Mt. Kinabalu. Most of the island's high-level attractions sit around 5,000 feet: This is the altitude of most of the Crocker Range and of the Kinabalu National Park Headquarters. Mt. Kinabalu rises to 13,435 feet. Altitude sickness is extremely rare, but not impossible. Visitors who experience any adverse symptoms should descend to lower heights immediately. Note that high altitudes can be more stressful on individuals with pre-existing conditions. Consult with your doctor if you plan to visit the highest parts of the island. Conditions which can increase your risk include asthma, angina, and high blood pressure. Ask also about Diamox, a diuretic that can ease the transition to higher altitudes. Many veteran travellers swear by Diamox.

Is Borneo's Water Safe to Drink?

The overriding rule is that it is NOT safe to drink tap water anywhere in Borneo. Bottled water is easy to come by in tourist-friendly areas, and restaurants generally offer either hot tea or boiled water. Travellers who wish to be especially cautious will want to rely on bottled water when brushing their teeth.