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Five Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Dog A Bed

by turner
Even though it may feel comfortable and enjoyable to have your pet sleep next to you, it is important to understand why this is not a great idea. Maybe your dog is caring and sweet, but you will come to the realization that the primary reason why your dog likes to sleep next to you is that you have made him or her believe that this is where they should be resting. If your dog is a large breed they will eventually be taking over your entire bed. Once they feel like this is their space they may hesitate or growl at you when you ask them to get off the bed, especially since you have made the dog feel that they have a right to take over your bed. Here are 5 reasons you should get your dog his/her own luxury bed from expert sellers such as The Red Dog Company. 1. Keep Your Dog Comfortable And Warm The cute and fashionable jacket you purchased for your fur baby is not enough to stand up to the coldness of the winter months. Your pet needs a comfortable and warm bed to ensure he stays warm and dry even on the coldest of winter nights. Allowing your pet to sleep on a cold and hard surface exposes the animal to a temperature that may be too low or too high. Dogs are susceptible to temperature changes, which is why they require the correct insulation to stay comfortable. The self-warming dog beds are the best to make sure your dog remains toasty and safe in winter. You may want to invest in an electric-heated bed for extreme weather. During the warmer months, you may want to consider one of the cooling beds that will help your dog to stay cool when the temperatures start to soar. 2. Contribute To The Health Of Your Dog You should reward your dog with treats and affection when he stops jumping onto your bed. However, he doesn’t deserve a bed made from old pillows and blankets. Yet for most dogs, he will be happy with whatever you decide to give him. Giving your dog the wrong type of bedding can be harmful to the health of the dog. A surface that is uneven or hard can feel extremely uncomfortable and having to move around constantly to find a comfortable sleeping position results in erratic sleep, which might cause your pet to become tired and irritable. If your pet is not getting enough sleep it can have an impact on the dog’s posture and his overall well-being and health. 3. The Dog Has His Own Personal Space Similar to humans, dogs prefer to stay away from noisy guests, naught children, other dogs, and even their owners when they need to rest. Dogs typically sleep for 10 hours or more every day, which means they need a dedicated space that they can access at any time. Giving your dog his own bed ensures that he has a safe and comfortable place to retreat to when he needs it. Dogs are also territorial, which means they will value their beds. 4. Save Your Furniture Certain breeds enjoy scratching, burrowing, kneading or turning in circles until they finally settle in a position to sleep in. This could wreak havoc on your expensive rugs or designer couches. Regardless of how well you vacuum and clean your furniture and carpets, there will always be pet dander, dirt, and fur lying around. If you give your dog his own bed to sleep in, you will save your valuable possessions from expiring before their time. 5. The Best Reason To Buy Your Dog A Bed One of the best decisions you can make as an owner of a dog is to invest in a dog bed. This has nothing to do with trying to show how much money you have by investing in an expensive and elaborate bed for your dog. In addition, if you understand that your dog is a part of your family, then it becomes easy to recognize that your furry friend also needs his own sleeping space. A bed for your dog provides your pet with security and privacy. More importantly, it will impact positively on the overall health of your dog. When you choose a bed ensure that it offers enough weight and joint support, the correct insulation, optimum comfort, and warmth.