Costa Blanca Magic – Where to Find the Best Beaches in Denia

by turner

The Costa Blanca has been a popular destination with Brits since the arrival of package holidays in the fifties. Tourism remains one of Spain’s primary sources of income and millions visit here from all over Europe each year. The Costa Blanca has more than one hundred kilometres of coastline and because Brits have been coming here for centuries it’s easy to find Brit focused beach resorts with English bars, TV and food: And they remain very popular destinations. However, more and more people are looking outside the box toward more Spanish orientated beach destinations. In this article we are going to cover some of the best beaches around Denia which can meet the demands of people looking for either or both.


In July 2019 Denia was awarded the flags of Qualitur which made it part of the Comunitat Valenciana which has more awrd winning beaches than anywhere in Spain. Denia stretches across twenty kilometres of coastline and has ten main beaches plus a nudist beach. The beaches are perfect for watersports and family days out.

Punta del Raset

This beach is also known as the Cagarritar which is not a nice name! The main benefit of this beach is location because it is nearest to the town: Convenient and quite large (around six hundred meters long). If you are looking for a beach that is close to the town amenities then this is it. However, if you don’t like busy this would not be the right place for you!

Les Albaranes

This beach is literally next door to Punta del Rasat and so quite close to the town’s amenities. If you like water sports and beach sports like volleyball and football this is a good choice. 

 Les Bovetes

A Blue Flag Beach measuring around seven kilometres long Les Bovetes is one of the largest beaches along the Denia coast. With excellent access this beach is one of the best for people with disabilities. This is a beautiful, natural beach that is perfect for those seeking some peace and quiet. The downside (for some) would be that there are few amenities available although what is available reaches the standards required for blue flag beaches.

Els Molins

Another Blue Flag Beach a good way from the crowded beaches found nearer the centre of Denia. Els Molins is a stone’s throw away from Les Bovetes and popular with surfers. This is a beautiful sandy beach like Les Bovetes but tends to get fewer visitors – Access is good for people with disabilities.


For those who enjoy clear waters and rocky coves L’Almadrava would be a joy to visit. However, the beach is gravel which can mess with your comfort zones! Nevertheless, if you like privacy, clean and clear waters, L’Almadrava is worth a visit – Definitely one of those beaches out of the main tourism areas.

You will find lots of fair-priced property to rent in and around the Denia area – This is a popular place for Brits to buy vacation and rental homes and yet the town itself has kept its Spanish style and way of life much more than most along the Costa Blanca coast. Without doubt, Denia offers up the best of both worlds!