6 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Trip to Egypt in 2020

by turner

Are you planning on taking a trip in 2020? Egypt should be your top destination. Here, you can enjoy the tombs, temples, pyramids, all-inclusive river Nile cruises and much more. There are so many cultural artefacts to see that will make your trip memorable. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Egypt in 2020.

1. It’s Affordable

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed when planning financially for a trip to Egypt. More so, the airfare rates are continually increasing making it a tougher goal to achieve. Well, if you are planning to visit Egypt in 2020, you should know it’s very affordable.

Are you planning to see Egypt on a budget or are you planning a luxury trip to Egypt? Well, you can make your trip fit your current budget. You can find a lot of accommodation options available in Egypt. Even better, the luxury accommodation is cheaper in Egypt than in other locations in the world.

Use this to your advantage and save more money by taking an affordable route. You can spoil yourself and get a luxury accommodation option because it’s cheaper than what you would pay elsewhere. It’s definitely good for your pockets.

2. Perfect for Year-Round Travel

Do you love the warm climate? Well, Egypt has a very warm climate thus making it a perfect holiday destination any time of the year. During the winter months, it’s a bit cooler. Even better, it’s perfect to explore the tombs and temples without being dehydrated or overheated.

If you can’t visit Egypt during the cooler months, there is no need to worry. Yes, the summer months in the country tend to get quite hot. However, you can still see the best of Egypt with a few tricks and useful tips.

For instance, you can pay for a guided tour. The best thing about this is the guides know how to get you the best value for your money. Take a chance to see the best of Egypt on a guided tour any time of the year without any hassle.

3. The History is Fascinating

Egypt has a lot to offer. However, most people are drawn to the country because of the history. The country has a lot of fascinating history that keeps a lot of tourists intrigued. There are so many tales and stories that you will learn during your trip to Egypt. There’s so much to see and so much to learn so you should definitely book a trip to Egypt in 2020 and have a lot of memorable moments.

4. Enjoy a Nile Cruise

Have you ever pictured yourself sailing down the Nile River? How did it feel? Imagine yourself in a nice ship with rooms, balconies, pools and big windows. Imagine watching the sun setting over the huge Egyptian desert and the locals doing their farming activities along the shores.

Sailing on the Nile River will present you spectacular views of the country. You can see some of the vibrant cities of Egypt and the magnificent temples. It’s an activity you must do when in Egypt and a very good reason to visit the country in 2020.

5. Amazing Cuisine

Egyptian cuisine is impeccable because of the history, religion and geography. You can enjoy vegetables with your popular meats such as duck, chicken, pigeon and rabbit. Lamb and beef are also available but are not popular meats. In the coastal areas, you can enjoy a lot of seafood options.

6. Scuba Diving and Beaches

With 3 main beaches, Egypt has also become a hub for scuba diving and beach relaxation activities. Whether you visit the upscale resort towns, cruise ports or the boho beaches, there is always something for everyone.

Whether you are travelling with your friends, family or alone, Egypt should be one of your top destinations in 2020.

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