6 Helpful Tips To Prevent Travel Sickness

by turner

There’s good news when you’re traveling by car, train, plane, or boat: you can not only avoid motion sickness, but you can overcome it for good.

It’s not completely known why certain people get movement disease and others. Researchers conclude that it is due to incongruity in the sensory systems of our body.

 For example, in a cruise ship, the mind does not move at all, but the brain and inner ear systems (vestibular and somatosensory) that regulate balance and posture (yes we are!) say “Yes we are!” This discrepancy creates confusion of the brain and various symptoms.

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Below are 6 helpful tips to prevent travel sickness:

1.          Don’t read or watch a movie:

Your eyes are concentrated only on what’s right beyond you, but your body is feeling the car’s motions. You may feel sick because of the differences between what you see and the move you feel.

2.          Take control of the situation:

If you do not travel by car, not being in the driver’s seat will lead to motion sickness. The driver of a vehicle is less susceptible than a passenger to motion sickness, perhaps because the brain of the driver controls its engine and can predict the motion.

If you sit behind the wheel the queasiness is gaining ground. If you need to ride as a traveler, try to sit in the front seat and look over the horizon that gives a greater feeling of control than to ride behind. Try to talk and diversion to relieve the fear that you are not able to monitor the situation while you stay inside the backseat.

3.          Curb your consumption:

Before and during travel, watch for your food, drink, and alcohol use. Do not take extreme alcohol, smoke, or “non-approved”  food or liquids. Food with strong, spicy, or fatty odors can cause nausea or movement disease to worsen in some people’s symptoms.

4.          Equalize your sensory cues:

Lying down to help your sensory receptors grow congruent when you’re feeling road sick. Sit in a front seat on a train, so that your eyes transmit the same motion as your interior ear vestibules. It can also enable you to keep your eye focused on the horizon or a fixed point while traveling by car or boat. The more sensory congruence you develop, the less susceptible you can be.

5.          Get desensitized:

Desensitization treatment helps to reduce or even cure movement disease. Expose yourself to brief explosions of symptomatic events and function for longer periods. If you are sick when you read a book in a moving car, try to read for five minutes and then put the book down. Repeat the interval of five minutes over various sessions, then raise to 10 minutes. Over time, your body will get familiar with the operation.

6.          Pre-treat with ginger:

Some reports support the use of ginger to combat travel sickness. It can’t hurt, at least. Take 1 to 2 grams of ginger for half an hour before the flight. Consult your doctor before supplementing with ginger if you have prescription blood thinners.

Bottom line

Travel sickness can stop you from exploring beautiful places. However, the tips provided in this article should keep you in check before you get to your destination.

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